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Dew-Scented are not necessarily the greatest band of all time, and their new song, “Sworn to Obey,” may not change your life. But I’ll tell you what I really appreciate about this band, and this song: they’re always solid, and I always recognize whatever they release as, y’know, MUSIC. I shouldn’t even have to say that I’d take a million Dew-Scenteds over one Dr. Acula; but in this day and age, when the amount of trendy crap we get sent just seems to increase with each passing week, to hear something this meat n’ potatoes is downright refreshing. Seriously.

Check out “Sworn to Obey” after the jump and celebrate a complete lack of anything that sounds like kids in backwards hats would listen to it after the jump.

“Sworn to Obey” appears on Dew-Scented’s new album, Icarus, which comes out July 31 on Prosthetic.


[via The PRP]

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