• Axl Rosenberg

I watched Psychofagist’s video for “Apophtegma Non-Sense” because I wanted to know a) what kind of band would select a name that sounds so much like “Necrophagist” and b) what kind of band would have so much trust in the maturity of metal fans as to select a name with the word “fag” in it. The band is Italian so I guess that explains the second thing. Insofar as the first thing goes, no, this band does not sound like Necrophagist.

In fact, I dunno what the fuck they sound like. I don’t know what this is, I don’t know what the fuck is going on in the video. I mean, it’s some seriously weird shit. And while I wouldn’t say I liked it, I will admit that I enjoyed it more than the other five music videos I’ve already watched this morning, because at least it’s unique. If I hear one more band that sounds just like Meshuggah with a computer handling vocals, I am going for a swim in an active volcano.

 “Apophtegma Non-Sense” comes from Psychofagist’s side of 9 Psalms of An Antimusic to Come, a split with a Polish band called Antigama. It’s out now on Subordinate Records.


[via Metal Underground]

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