Question marks“Track by Track Breakdowns” — either video or written —  seem to be de rigueur for upcoming album releases these days, prescribed by record label marketing staff or PR folk in an effort to get the new album another blip in the online metal press. My question to you: does anyone actually watch/read these stupid things other than the diehard fans?

I’ve had this question on my mind for a while, but I bring it up today because Gojira just released one for their new album. Gojira are one of my favorite bands on the planet and I still can’t get myself interested enough to get through more than a minute of it. I feel as if marketing/PR peeps instruct bands to do these simply because it appears to be the “it” thing to do right now — other bands are doing it, it must work! — without really having any idea whether it does or not. I recognize that superfans probably do watch these, but what good does that do in terms of the goal of getting a band more press? You’re preaching to the converted; those folks know full well an album is coming. Killswitch Engage are the only band who ever did this the right way, and it’s been all downhill from there.

So, I bring this to you, the people, because I honestly have no idea if you agree or if I’m being a crotchety blogger. Do you give any fucks about “track by track breakdown” videos or blog entries? I’ll bet a whole lot of record label / PR folk would appreciate your input. Vote in the widget, then comment with your thoughts below.


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