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UPDATE, 2:57 pm: Apparently, TV Nova did not claim that this is video of the incident for which Blythe has been arrested — only video from the show itself. We apologize for the confusion. Please bear with us as we try to overcome the language barrier between the American and Czech press.

Lamb of God returned home to America without vocalist Randy Blythe over the weekend; he should join them today, having paid a whopping $200k in bail. Meanwhile, at long last, a Czech television show called  TV Nova was able to dig up video footage of the incident for which Blythe now finds himself under fire. And while the video does not completely exonerate Blythe of the accusations made against him, it does show that the official statement from the band’s publicist is 100% true: Blythe pushed the now-tragically-deceased fan, now known as “Daniel N.,” back into the audience, but did not, as some Czech message boards alleged, get into any kind of serious physical altercation with that fan, or beat that fan. Little wonder that guitarist Willie Adler doesn’t even remember this happening.

Furthermore, the video also shows that a venue security guard — who’s so big he looks like probably takes craps that are the same size as Blythe — helped shove the concertgoer off the stage. It’s hard for me to imagine that this won’t be helpful to Blythe’s defense, although I’m obviously no expert on the Czech legal system. For all I know, those people wave a chicken in the air ’til its neck breaks, and the angle at which the fracture occurs determines whether or not the defendant goes to prison.

Here’s the video:

Finally, lead guitarist Mark Morton has asked fans to wear their Lamb of God shirts on the Fourth of July (this Wednesday) to show support for Blythe. I’ll be happy to oblige him.


[via Metal Insider]

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