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In May, Van Halen announced that they were postponing more than thirty upcoming tour dates, which, naturally, led to rumors that there were troubles within the band. So they even released a video where David Lee Roth and his dog politely explained that everyone in the band is getting along just swell, but they’re kinda tired and need a break.

But now that the band has played their final pre-postponement date (which occurred on June 26), it’s starting to look like that story might be — sniff sniff — total BS. Because suddenly, Pollstar is reporting that all of those postponed dates are no longer postponed, but are, in fact, cancelled. Ticketmaster confirms that many of these dates are not going to be re-scheduled.

And like I was sayin’, it’s hard to interpret this in any way other than “The band is not getting along,” and that the postponement story was simply intended to keep fans and the press off their backs until they completed the tour. I just can’t imagine any other real reason they’d announce that some dates were postponed, go out of their way to make it clear that it’s one big happy-time circle jerk in the band, and then cancel those dates altogether, without an announcement or explanation.

Hopefully the band will release some kind of official story soon, and hopefully that story will somehow seem plausible. Maybe this time Eddie and his goldfish can tell us that DLR is his best friend but Alex sprained his wrist and a needs a few months to recover or something.


[via Metal Insider]

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