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I know, I know, the whole pagan/folk metal thing is so over. But as MetalSucks reader MaTT B. points out, you should hate the player, not the game. Just like with metalcore and deathcore, pagan/folk was THE BIG THING at one point, resulting in lots of copycat bands and record labels jumping on board to cash in. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t quality bands in that scene who were — and still are — making great music.

Ensiferum are at the top of their genre. “Burning Leaves,” which appeared on YouTube yesterday, showcases the band at their best, churning out metallized, pagan-inspired tunes that go light on pagany cliches and folksy gimmicks and heavy on catchy hooks and metal riffs. Excellent guitar solo, too. Check it out:

Ensiferum’s new album Unsung Heroes comes out on August 27th.


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