Lick My Label


  • Axl Rosenberg

Oy! Rough year for Roadrunner, huh? First DevilDriver part ways with the label, then they suffer massive layoffs at the hand of their new(ish) corporate overlords, and now another one of their premiere acts, Machine Head, are apparently flying the coop, too: in a new interview with PitCam.TV (below), guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn reveals that band is “between labels right now,” as last year’s Unto the Locust was their last contractually-obligated release for RR.

Machine Head have been with the label since their lauded debut, 1994’s Burn My Eyes. And even though the band was technically free as soon as Locust came out, it’s hard to imagine that any decision not to renew their agreement with Roadrunner was, at least in part, a result of the recent internal changes there.

I’ll be curious to see where they land.


Thanks: Saul Hudson

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