Czech news outlet has conducted the first interview with Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe since he was arrested in Prague nearly three weeks ago. Google Translate provided me with a typically-literal minded construction of the interview, so I’ve attempted to clean it up a little bit and make it sound like English instead of the wacky Eastern European immigrant character on a bad sitcom. My apologies if I fumbled any of it — I’m not Robert Fagles, y’know?

Here the interview:

What happened during the incident at the Lamb of God concert at the Abaton club in 2010?

I don’t know about any incident. I play a lot of concerts, so I don’t remember that one in particular. I just remember that the club had a small stage, which barely fit the band and our gear. Also, apparently there was a security guard because many people climbed onto the stage — including, I think. that one small boy in particular. But I could be confusing that club with another club. I’ve gotten glasses since that concert, so now I a more details, more than just outlines.  In any case, I didn’t attack anyone. The only way I could have come into contact with the audience would be if I was defending myself from someone who had gotten onto the stage and was running or jumping around erratically.

How do you spend your time in custody? With the other inmates? 

I read, I write letters to friends and family, and I’m also allowed to write in a diary. I think I’m getting along very well with the other inmates — I’m even trying to learn Mongolian [I think he may also be trying to say that he’s teaching them some English, but I’m not 100% on that. -Ed]. I’m starting to write a book about being in Pankrác prison, and I’m starting to write lyrics.

Do you have reservations about the work of the Czech police and the justice of your case?

I believe the police are very professional and follow the rules of good conduct. But in terms justice, frankly, I don’t understand because it’s different here than it is in the U.S. I thought that if I made bail, I’d be released. I definitely don’t understand how these charges can be brought against me — our goal is to satisfy the audience, and they liked the show and didn’t leave feeling down about it.

On Wednesday, you were able to see your wife for the first time since you’ve been arrested. Do you feel supported by your family and your fans? 

Seeing my beautiful wife was beautiful and encouraging. I’ve received messages and support from family and my bandmates, who are all missing me. I can’t wait to see them all again.

You’ve made bail, and apparently you may be released soon. What are your future plans?

If I go back to the U.S., I have to mow the lawn, spend some time with my family, and then plunge back into performing so that I can pay my legal fees and help my friends earn money so that we can live decently. If I have to stay in the Czech Republic, I would look at the sights, especially in Prague. I’d go wherever Kafka went and eat dumplings.

And that’s it. So far, the portrait that has been painted over and over again is that of a good guy caught in a shitty situation that could have happened to any metal musician — pushing kids back off the stage is pretty routine, after all. If there really is evidence that Blythe behaved in a violent manner towards the deceased, it has yet to surface.


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