Provide Life To Live RecordsIt’s no wonder that Provider have been tapped to open for the likes of Bold, Sheer Terror, and Skarhead, We need bands like this to hold it down here in New York. Sporting album art somewhere between 4chan and DIY, Wasteland (Life To Live) takes shit more seriously than you might think. From the thrashy bits of the title track to the hard slog of “Heavy Soul,” this rock-solid record shows no mercy. If they progress a bit and don’t let up, there’s a future here.

Double Negative Sorry State Records HitsApparently this new Double Negative record is indicative of a band in flux. Hits (Sorry State) features the final cuts with Kevin Collins on the mic as well as the first with drummer Bobby Michaud. “Nothing here now but the recordings,” said William S. Burroughs. And these are some pretty solid ones at that from this North Carolina crew. “Drone Virus” has a herky jerky spastic angular fury about it, while “Suicide Suicide” practically gallops to its abrupt, scuzzy end.

Bent Life 6131It’s lazy to fixate on scenes like Richmond, VA, which just pumps out savage metallic hardcore bands like so many sausages. Bent Life, however, comes from the improbable locale of Lincoln, NE, yet sounds as strong as Fire & Ice and Naysayer. On this 7″ for the taste-making 6131 imprint, the band cut loose amid the chunktastic riffage. I could’ve done without the solo on “The Hard Way,” but otherwise this one slams. Let’s get some more blood from this stone.

Pleasant Living A389I’ve got no problem with NYHC worship from geographical outsiders. Those Texans in Bitter End do one hell of a Madball impression and, though comparatively less aggro about it, Pleasant Living present a hard-to-dislike take on the Big Apple sound with this self-titled 7″ (A389). The quintet make a racket that calls to mind Sick Of It All and Wisdom In Chains more often than not. All in good fun throughout, even when someone loses an eye, it might make you a tad misty for the old days.


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