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Following massive layoffs at Roadrunner Records earlier this year, both Machine Head and DevilDriver announced that they were leaving the venerable label — news which seemed especially relevant since neither band had ever been signed anywhere else. But at least one metal band that calls Roadrunner home will continue to do so, at least for now. Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto recently sent out the below tweet:

The internet chatter this morning seems to be “Oh this news is so surprising,” given that some key members of Trivium’s team are no longer at Roadrunner. But it’s only surprising if you assume(d) you know something about what’s going on behind-the-scenes, which, really, you don’t (and neither do we — at least not right now). In other words, don’t assume they re-upped with RR; for all we know, their contractual obligation to the label is ongoing. Also, it’s not like Roadrunner is evil or whatever — the people at Roadrunner aren’t responsible for what has happened there, their corporate overlords are. So even if Trivium chooses to remain there forever and ever, well, that’s really up to them!


[via The PRP]


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