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This week’s roster of hard and heavy new releases is pocked grossly with ’80s hair metal throwback albums, like sores on a shriveled wang. Sorry for the purple prose, but fear not MetalSucks reader — we’ll slip on some latex gloves and pick out the killer glam and (mostly) non-glam Shit That Comes Out Today after the jump! 


Wild Machine
Wild Machine II (Perris)
On a playlist with: Judas Priest, Dangerous Toys, W.A.S.P.
Listen Wild Machine II clips (here)

I don’t know exactly why, but something about the idea of Balkan hair metal strikes me as particularly funny; and sure enough these five Athenians are a hoot. Jamz like “Dirty Hotel Room” and “Nasty, Oild, ‘N Spoild” mean you’re in for a grimy good time … and B.O.


Sexual Harassment (Volcom)
On a playlist with: Eagles of Death Metal, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Foo Fighters
Listen “You Give Me Worms” (here)

Keeping the testosterone a-flowin’ are Norwegian garage-rock professionals Turbonegro. New front-macho-man Tony Sylvester tobacco-croons his way through this half-hour collection of cheeky party-rockers and songs about being “just an honest man in a leather mask.” In other words, “dad rock” that is well aware of the silliness and awesomeness that is “dad-rock” in 2012. The group has already “given worms” to half the MetalSucks staff; you just might be next!


Anthology IV: The Tragedy Of Nerak (Code 666/Aural)
On a playlist with: Unexpect, The Human Abstract, Serj Tankian
Listen “Nemesis” (here)

“Avant-garde metal with female singer!” is everything you need to know about this quirky French band, who happen to bring some welcome femininity to this week’s sausage-festive STCOT. It’s clear right away that they’re neither interested in proving their heaviness nor falling in line with marketable female-fronted metal bands. That is refreshing. Imagine System of a Down with a schizophrenic gal wailing on top and you’re not far off. Their sophomore album is based on a play the group unearthed, which is explored in the awesome video for their first single “Nemesis”.


On a playlist with: Scale The Summit, Russian Circles, Mogwai
Listen Fade full stream (here)

After two head-scratching releases that pushed Cloudkicker’s Ben Sharp out of his djenty-post rock niche, Fade is the one-man band’s resettlement in minimalist instrumental rock — and a little of everything from his past. While never as heavy or as metal as The Discovery and Beacons, Fade takes the same general approach that Sharp has honed over the years: developing a few simple ideas into very memorable and deceptively complex songs.


Death Crust Satanique (Witchhammer)
On a playlist with: Dew Scented, Toxic Holocaust, Sepultura
Listen Death Crust Satanique full stream (here)

Is it just me, or do metal vocalists actually sound heavier in French? This quartet of “OLD SCHOOL DEATH THRASH BLACK CRUST PUNK SPEED HARDCORE GRIND D-BEAT POWERVIOLENCE METAL EVIL ATTACK”-ers from Quebec indicates the answer is yes. Death Crust Satanique is a totally balls-to-the-wall, sweat-stain-on-your-wifebeater record that hits so hard, it’s easy to forgive its repetition and dismal album art.


10 Years
Minus The Machine (Palehorse/ILG)
On a playlist with: Chevelle, 30 Seconds to Mars, Hurt
Listen Minus The Machine full stream (here)

No band is better than Tool at being Tool, but many are better at releasing albums. And bands like 10 Years help to satisfy my need for more than one smart, angsty rock album per decade. On Minus The Machine — their first sans major label support — the Knoxville quartet gets darker, harder, and a little proggier. It’s nothing life-changing, but to fans who’ve stuck with 10 Years through a couple subpar albums — and to all of us seated in the Tool waiting room — Minus the Machine is a score.



>>Beverly Killz Gasoline & Broken Hearts (Perris) listen
^Dust Bolt Violent Demolition (Napalm) listen
Fastway Fastway reissue (Rock Candy/Red Eye) listen
Grave Digger Home At Last EP (Napalm) listen
Join The Dead Join The Dead EP (Roxx)
Laster Wijsgeer & Narreman (Dunkelheit) listen
Judas Priest 2X: Hell Bent For Leather/Defenders Of The Faith (Sony Legacy)
Lionheart Hot Tonight reissue (Rock Candy/Red Eye) listen
>>Nasty Idols Kalifornia (Perris) listen
The Ordeal Descent From Hell (MIG) listen
Rising Dust Taste Of Fire EP (2010) (Perris) listen
Sacred Oath Spells And Incantations: The Best Of Sacred Oath(Angel Thorne)
Scarlet Anger Dark Reign (MIG) listen
The Scorpions Virgin Killer remaster (Audio Fidelity) listen
>>Striker Armed To The Teeth (Napalm) listen
Striker Eyes In The Night (2010) (Napalm) listen
Worn In Red Banshees (No Idea) listen
Various Doom All Over The World (Game Two)
Rob Zombie Mondo Sex Head remixes (Geffen) listen


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