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Bad Powers

Reports of Made Out of Babies’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. Unless you believe that Made Out of Babies cannot exist without Julie Christmas.

We still don’t know what led to Christmas’ split from the band this past March, but Spin is reporting that the remaining three members have tapped newcomer Megan Tweed to front a new outfit called Bad Powers. Spin is streaming a brand new song called “New Bruises,” too. And as is so often the case when the dudes who play the instruments in any band swap vocalists, the music sounds remarkably similar to their old band’s. It helps that Megan Tweed’s shrill, emotive timbre is a near-deadringer for Christmas (when she’s not gut-wrenchingly screaming her way through choruses), but really anyone could be singing on this track — even a dude — and Bad Powers would still sound a whole lot like Made Out of Babies.

So, rejoice, Made Out of Babies fans! Bad Powers, Made Out of Babies, tomato, tom-AH-to… it’s just a matter of semantics. There’s no denying that Christmas was a crucial part of the Made Out of Babies sound and live performances so we’ll see where this next iteration of the band leads, but it’s good to see these guys making music for public consumption again.

The self-titled Bad Powers debut album is due September 18th via The End Records.


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