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Peter Dolving

It’s been a busy week for ex-The Haunted vocalist Peter Dolving.

On Monday, six months after leaving The Haunted, Dolving issued a “tell-all”-style statement through his Facebook page explaining the reasons for his departure, including some not-very-nice things about his former bandmates. Later that day he announced the formation of a new band called House of Dolving that would perform material from all of his past projects (including The Haunted). And over the past few days he’s posted a slew of Facebook updates, including his thoughts on the current state of the music industry and some comments leveled at the Internet backlash generated by Monday’s rant.

Why are we posting this stuff? Because Dolving is a fascinating character with a lot of interesting things to say. Here are a few snippets:

His reaction to all the haters that Monday’s post generated (earlier today):

So regarding my statement on The Haunted; I am not looking for drama. Fuck that. I am not carrying a grudge. I’m simply putting the reality of their actions on the table.

If I would have continued shutting my mouth about I would just have continued participating in the dysfunctionality. I have chosen not to. I have music, creativity, love and shitloads of really cool fans who are not interested in belittling introverts and trolls on Blabbermouth.

If you like ATG, The Haunted and even the twins, that’s perfectly alright. It good to have something to like.

No one is taking anything from their artistry, they are skilled and talented. You don’t have to take sides. Seriously. I just don’t want it to be some deep dark secret. That type of shit wears life out.

My rage and actual bitterness is perfectly justified. The took food from my table, anyone who’s ever been laid off or screwed will identify.

Now, on the other hand, if my art, my words, my thoughts provoke you, that just reveals your intolerance. Which is fucking sad because because it 2012, and carrying around moral codes and a view on reality as if it 1912, is just well really really fucking sad. Really.

The world my friends, is changing. We can push forward or fight it it, but it’s not going to stop it. Things change. Normality is not being a conservative dick, held back by fear and intolerance. Normality is the air between you and me, all those other things are you inside you, in battle with reality.

Just saying.

On the music industry (Monday):

The majors are now the people who work there. Their main priorities are not making money for their companies and their clients/partners(allthough they occasionally by fluke chance do that too…).

Instead the level of intrapersonal agendas and ingroup politics has so deteriorated the construct to the point where the recordlabels have become pointless whales, struggling like obese sealions for their survival. And the people within the structure are more concerned with their own paycheck than their loyalty to their employers.The indies are too busy finding ways to keep their companies from drowing to have time or a genuine interest in individual artists.

On the backlash against his decision to self-release House of Dolving and treat it as his full-time job (earlier today):

Not keeping my shit together emotionally today. I want to lash out. I want to take a rock to some people. I want to wake them up sitting over their chest with a scalpel in one hand and their spleen in the other and say “Hi!”

It wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve pondered if dying would be an option, but that wouldn’t leave me the satisfaction of smiling at those who are unliking or negative towards my efforts.

Subscribe to Dolving’s updates on Facebook if you haven’t yet. He’s always got something interested to say.


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