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Almost ten years ago exactly, Zakk Wylde lost his shit when a radio DJ in St. Louis asked him about rumors that his friend (and the godfather of at least one of his children), then-NY Mets catcher Mike Piazza, is gay. I don’t really know what Wylde’s own insecurities have to do with anything, I just couldn’t think of a better segue to let you know that he’s getting his own sports show on Sirisu XM Radio.

The show, cleverly entitled Wylde on Sports, will be co-hosted by “veteran sports talk personality” Ken Thomson, who, not-so-incidentally, is Wylde’s brother-in-law — which means he already has years worth of experience pretending to laugh at Wylde’s jokes. And the actual point of the show, it seems, is to ask Wylde for advice on fantasy football. I guess in case Matthew Berry’s hotline is busy? I dunno.

In other news, Dave Meggett has started a metal band called Meggedeth.

Wylde on Sports will debut September 4 and air every Tuesday night  from9:00 – 11:00 pm ET for six weeks onSiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. I hope it brings some of you pleasure.



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