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Abiotic - Symbiosis

New music from Abiotic is finally here! Metal Blade’s heaviest band has released “To Burgeon and Languish,” a new track from their forthcoming album Symbiosis:

The track is plenty heavy — really, really heavy! — but I’m not feeling it as much as I expected to and wanted to following “Vermosapien,” the song that originally caught my attention a few months ago. This new one’s got a little too much tech-death “weedily weedily,” a little too many Suicide Silence-ish chugga-chug breakdown sections and it’s a little too meandering song-wise for my taste. But I said “a little,” not “a lot” — it’s still got plenty of awesome riffs, it’s br00tal as fuck, and you should check it out. I’d be very curious to see if these guys kill it live like they do on record; find out for yourself when the band goes on tour with Sea of Treachery for a month starting in mid-September.

Pre-order Symbiosis here in advance of its October 22nd release date.


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