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The Dillinger Escape Plan’s new guitarist may be their old guitarist.

In case you hadn’t heard, Jeff Tuttle quit the band (on amicable terms) earlier this year; yesterday, Ben Weinman posted the above photo of himself and Benoit jamming on his Facebook page, along with the hashtag “#dillingerescapeplan.” Now, while this obviously isn’t a 100% confirmation that Benoit is returning to the fold… well, it sure is interesting timing, ain’t it? I don’t think anyone should be surprised one bit if it turns out that Benoit is, indeed, back in the group.

And bringing back an old member to replace a new one is a brilliant idea. Benoit appeared on the band’s seminal 1999 full-length debut, Calculating Infinity, so he’s got cred; he doesn’t need to “prove” himself to the fans, so to speak. It’s a natural fit and pretty much an all-around win.

Here’s a kind of weird paradox, though: besides Weinman, none of the other current members of DEP were in the band at the same time as Benoit. In other words, he would be, in a weird way, re-joining a band he was never in. You can’t say that that happens very often, now, can you? I’m an asshole; Benoit also appeared on Miss Machine with Greg Puciato and Liam Wilson. Thanks to Rob from Metal Injection for pointing out my idiocy.

More news as it becomes available.


[via The PRP]

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