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This is Impossible Voyage:


I don’t believe in a show where you go to do just one thing, such as mosh (metal show), or dance (at teh club). So we made a band that gives you the opportunity to truly explore all these different emotions and feelings that our lives put upon us in one go. I think that’s what we’ve always been about. Providing a partycentral atmosphere for us all to get together and get depressed and then elated, headbang and then do the robot, sing sweetly of love and then spit/scream “Cleveland steamer!”, all in one place at one time. If that is something you’re interested in I recommend coming to see us and letting yourself get weird. Or as I like to say, get natural.  ; ]

I’ll leave it to my bandmate Tommy Van Herwarde to sum us up better than I ever could. His description and our music video from which that .gif originates after the jump!


(Left to right: Tommy Van Herwarde, Anthony Gobeille, Matt Olsson, Gregory Maniago)

Anthony Gobeille formed Impossible Voyage in the Summer of ‘09 with close friends Dylan Jacobus on guitar, Connor Larkin on bass, and Jonny Rogoff on drums. Since then, the band has experienced a palpable plethora of particularly painful personnel changes, with each departure teaching the remaining members more and more about the fragility of beautiful things: Rogoff left for a major league gig playing drums with the critically acclaimed Yuck. Larkin bid farewell to find an outfit that played truer to the music within his soul. Jacobus was weary with the weight of college life, and couldn’t afford the necessary time and effort. The band is now in the sixth generation of lineups over the last two and a half years, having featured five different drummers, three different members on bass, and two on guitar. This type of volatility in the makeup of a band can be quite trying on the concerned party. However, just like the astronauts of Apollo-11, Edmund Hillary atop Mt. Everest, or any other individual seeking to surmount the seemingly insurmountable, the denizens of Impossible Voyage journeyed on. After losing all of its founding members aside from one, the band looked to be entering its final hours. In a last act of faith, Gobeille, as if inspired by Lion-O, shouted to the world at large, “IMPOSSIBLE VOYAGE, HOOOOOO!!!!” Hearing him beckon, Matt Olsson and Tommy Van Herwarde, the current drummer and guitarist of the band, combined their powers of Jazz, Folk, Punk, Post-Hardcore, and Metal with almost Voltron-esque precision. Also taking heed to the call, in the dark, dank depths of some cavern unknown to mankind, bassist Gregory Maniago responded, adding the bottom end (feet and legs) to the quickly forming wealth of awe-inspiring justice. Gobeille then added, “And I’ll form the SYNTH!” With that, the most powerful band to ever walk the face of Hyrule, ZLAD II, Coruscant, or even Omicron Persei 8 was completed, in its perfect form. The band has proclaimed the year 2012 as The Year of the Voyage, and has since released the Meatman & Cinderella EP, alongside a music video of epic lactose-themed proportions. The follow up to MM&C, an LP of mysterious title, is currently under construction, but will soon rattle the very foundations of the Universe. Drink whiskey. Shower in milk. Become cats. Impossible Voyage is here to stay!

So that’s us in a nutshell! I’ve had a hell of a time keeping consistent bandmates over the years but I think the current lineup might finally be used to the smell of my farts so they’re sticking it out for the long haul with me. If you’re curious to see/find out more come check us out on the 12th of October when we play with Infinity Shred at NJIT!

Also please download our free EP “Meatman & Cinderella” at our bandcamp.

Shout out to Christian Deutsch for mixing and engineering the whole thing like a bauss, and Steven Donahue for layin down our tracks. Good to have friends!

And check out how different we sounded when the first lineup was going at it on the debut EP  “Escape Pod” while you’re there. We recorded it with our super great friend Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios, and plan on heading back there to do some new stuff this December.

Our facebook for most updates.

Our Twitter where we post craft beers we like.

Our Youtube page.

(Eternal props to our friend Mark Glaser for pouring milk all over his luscious body.)


-Anthony Gobeille

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