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Wanna know how much I loved “Leathers,” the first single from the forthcoming Deftones release, Koi No Yokan? Like I said in my post about that song, I’ve never considered myself more than a casual Deftones fan, but I found “Leathers” so friggin’ catchy that not only did I listen to it endlessly on repeat, but I actually revisited the band’s entire discography as a result. And… I found that I am still a casual Deftones fans. Don’t get me wrong — I do not think the band is bad, and I actually like each release of theirs more than the one prior. But there’s really only a few songs on each album that I out and out LOVE… I hate admitting to this, but maybe I shouldn’t be called a “casual” Deftones fan; maybe I’m one of those dreaded “greatest hits” fans?

And for better or worse, the latest track from Koi to be released, “Tempest,” doesn’t do anything to persuade me that the band’s newest album will win me over any more.

Again — not a bad song by any stretch of the imagination. But whatever the aural equivalent of pheromones is — that thing which just seems to drift out to you and lodge in your heart — “Tempest” doesn’t have it. I can’t even quite place my finger on why I like this song less than “Leathers”… although my gut is that it’s because it’s absent a ridiculously great riff, like the one in the bridge of that first single.

Check out “Tempest” below and see what you think. Koi No Yokan comes out November 13.


[via Metal Insider]

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