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Look Right Penny, authors of 2012’s sleeper classic Sugar Lane (here), is planning a 26-day tour starting in December. That’s awesome news cuz their jamz are awesome and and tons of sweet bishes will attend and I just know they’ll need me for second guitar duties — but there’s a catch: LRP is asking for your wallet-help to get the tour going. In a short video, guitarist Cotee Embry and singer Mariel Diaz-Carrion explain that funds slated to buy a tour-ready van were STOLEN from their home by “a very bad person.” And so it’s to Kickstarter to raise a few grand for the road; incentives to donators (you) include free band-used gear and clothing, a personalized song, a phone call, a guitar lesson, and VIP access at shows for fans willing/able to throw down some Benjis for the mandated-by-the-cosmos tour from Florida to California and back.

Now sure I know u all have earmarked a few bills for my holiday present, but I already have that fogger that can fill a square km with dense weed smoke, so I ask that u reroute that cash to the LRP tour. Thank u dudes it’s a festivus miracle!


Check out the whole campaign here. Get Look Right Penny’s bonus-track version of awesome Sugar Lane here. Read about LRP here and here

Thanks: MetalSucks tipster Villain

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