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Gojira are all aboard the lyric video train… and why not? Lyric videos are cheap to make, give the band a constant presence in the metal media, and fanboys like me find it interesting to learn what Joejira is growling on about all the time. Their latest, for “Liquid Fire” — one of my personal favorite tracks from L’Enfant Sauvage — is the third to be released from the band’s newest album.

As best I can tell, “Liquid Fire” is about finding the inner strength to plow through life on one’s own intelligence and worldviews rather than following religion, political leaders, or other pre-determined belief systems. Rad… we can totally get behind that. And unlike the lyric videos Gojira already released for “Explosia” and “The Axe,” this new one features badass photographs of the band playing in front of enormous crowds at European festivals instead of a simple, still image of Mario Duplantier’s paintings. It’s still not exactly the most visually stimulating experience, but it’s something.


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