The Improved MetalSucks is Still Improving!


The Improved MetalSucks is Still Improving!

Dear Loyal MetalSucks Maniacs,

First of all, we’d sincerely like to thank everyone for all the feedback on the site’s new design. We’ve been working really hard on it with The Forefathers Group for a long time now, and we’re thrilled to see that, on the whole, it seems like you cats are digging what we’ve done.

But we know you also have complaints! And while we obviously can’t/won’t address each and every one of those complaints (because opinions are like assholes, you can’t please all the people all the time, etc.), we do want to make sure we address the ones which seem to be of great concern to the majority of the community.

To wit: it seemed as though, by and large, people were pretty confused about the image being above the corresponding headline for each post on the landing page — especially since said image would appear after the headline once you clicked through. It honestly had not occurred to us that this might be an issue when we were creating the re-design… but we completely understood what you found troubling about it. And thus, as you’ve hopefully noticed by now, we fixed it! In other words: you spoke, we listened!

We will probably (oh, let’s be real… definitely) continue to tinker a little bit in the coming days. So keep giving us feedback! Like we said, we can’t address all of your concerns, but we want to make sure that MetalSucks is the suckiest site it can possibly be, and we appreciate your input.

By The Sperm of Zeus,
Axl & Vince

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