Sh*tstain on the Ass of the Universe, Number I’ve Lost Count: Fear from the Hate

  • Axl Rosenberg

If you had told me twenty minutes ago that there was a band called Fear from the Hate, I would have felt totally confused, because I think the general theory is that fear causes hate, not vice versa (see: homophobes).

But then an anonymous reader sent us the band’s video for “Paint a Trip Party”with the warning that it would “make you want to kill yourselves,” and suddenly I understood hate causing fear. Because the video didn’t want make me want to kill myself, because I was too afraid that if I did, Hell would turn out to be real, and my punishment would be having to watch this video which I hate on repeat over and over and over, for all of eternity.

So bravo, fellas. Please consider celebrating your victory by breaking up and submitting to brainwashing which will erase the very concept of “music” from your minds, lest you ever feel tempted to try and make some ever again.

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