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Landmine Marathon Split with Vocalist Grace Perry, Announce Krysta Martinez as Replacement


Grace Perry and Landmine Marathon have parted ways on amicable terms, so that, according to a statement, Perry could “pursue non-musical endeavors.” That is not happy-making news, because Perry must be one of the most fun live performers in metal today (or, I guess I should say she was one of the most fun live performers); it was not unusual to see her leap into the crowd and stir some shit up, and she brought an overall level of energy to the show that most bands would kill for. So it’s sad to see her go.

That being said, I’m more than willing to give new vocalist Krysta Martinez a shot. I wasn’t familiar with her other band, Transient, prior to the announcement, but between the tracks I just checked out and the below re-recording of Landmine Marathon’s “Dead Horse” featuring Martinez on vocals, I think it’s pretty clear that she can handle the whole yelling-like-a-demon thing. Her voice isn’t the same as Perry’s — Martinez screams in a higher register (dare I say key?) than Perry did — but except for the occasional dickweed just looking for an excuse not to like Martinez, I can’t imagine that bothering anyone too much. The real test will be seeing Martinez live… in that regard, she has some very big (petite) shoes to fill.

Here’s the new version of “Dead Horse,” courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan

…and here’s the original…


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