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Blackie Lawle$$: W.A.S.P. Frontman Will Compromise Christian Beliefs For the Almighty Dollar


Blackie Lawless

Blackie Lawless is many things: W.A.S.P. singer/guitarist, notorious show canceler, infamous cheapskate, born-again Christian. Now he can also add “hypocrite” and “money-grubber” to that list of distinguished characteristics.

Two years ago Lawless gave an interview in which he renounced the band’s hit “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast),” saying the song’s subject matter no longer jived with his born-again attitude and that he would no longer be playing it live:

I renounce, denounce and pronounce that I will never play that song live again. Actually, I’ve not played it live for several years.

But apparently that born-again conviction does not extend to profiting on merchandise exploiting the song’s lyrics. W.A.S.P.’s official webstore is currently selling a t-shirt with the phrase “I Fuck Like a Beast” printed in large, red letters across the back.


When reached for comment, Lawless mumbled something about how global warming is a hoax and how Americans are God’s chosen people and then hung up.

Ah, religion… conveniently making hypocrisy acceptable to the masses since 1 A.D.

Thanks: Gmchale

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