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Axl Rose’s Piano Platform is an Engineering Miracle


Axl Rose endangered the lives of fans during a recent performance of “November Rain” at the band’s ongoing Las Vegas residencyAppetite for Dal Makhani, when he and his piano levitated over the audience. Experts estimate that if the wires holding Rose had snapped and he had fallen, it would have caused an earthquake “that made the one Vegas suffered in September seem like a minor tremor.” Here’s video of this reckless stunt, via Bring Back Glam!:

In related news, Metal Insider reports that the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the venue where Guns N’ Roses’ Vegas residency is taking place, have been forced to change promotional posters for the concerts following outcries from the community. The art was modeled on Robert Williams’ original cover for Appetite for Destruction, which, incidentally, was so controversial when it was originally released that Geffen Records moved it to the inner album for sleeve for subsequent pressings and replaced it with the skulls and cross image we know today.

The complaint about the art now is the same as the complaint about the art then: that the image of a partially naked, presumably battered and raped woman is offensive. Which is totally true… except that you’d think people would be somewhat more immune to it in Las Vegas, a town so scuzzy that Vince Neil calls it home. In all fairness, older men banging fake-breasted prostitutes a third of their age is not the same thing as taking those women by force… but I still find the art less disgusting than the eyesore that is the Las Vegas Strip.

The Hard Rock’s solution to the issue was to move the “Welcome to Paradise City” sign over so it’s concealing the woman. As of yet, no one has complained about the image’s endorsement of robot-on-monster crime.

Here’s the original Appetite art, and the original Vegas art, and the modified Vegas art:

Axl Rose’s Piano Platform is an Engineering MiracleAxl Rose’s Piano Platform is an Engineering MiracleAxl Rose’s Piano Platform is an Engineering Miracle

And here’s a news report on the outrage. It’s interesting to note that there was apparently already a version of the art in which the woman’s breasts were concealed and she didn’t have her panties ’round her knees (with her ass in debris, doin’ that grind with the push and squeeze), in which case she basically looks like she just got drunk and passed out, an image to which Vegas residents should be most accustomed.

I guess this ruins any chance of there ever being a Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated residency, huh?

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