One Man Metal: Third and Final Episode of Mini-Series Released


One Man Metal

If you haven’t been following Noisey’s “One Man Metal” documentary mini-series, it’s as good a time as any to start now that the third and final episode has been released.

As Axl pointed out when the series launched in early October, “One Man Black Metal” would’ve been a more appropriate title — you’re certainly not gonna see any vignettes on Cloudkicker or Paul Wardingham here — but the series provides a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look into the lives and music of Leviathan, Striborg and Xasthur, three of black metal’s best-known one man armies. Quotes a press release, “The documentary includes the first on-camera interview with Scott Connor, AKA Xasthur, who crafts his bleak sounds from a crumbling apartment in the hinterlands of Los Angeles. We also explored the remote environs of rural Tasmania with Sin Nanna of Striborg, and finally travelled to San Francisco to speak with Jef Whitehead, AKA Leviathan.”

Watch the entire three-part series using the embed below. If you’ve already watched Parts 1 and 2, just click the “Playlist” button on the button and skip to Part 3.

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