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Twelve Foot Ninja Post Six New Tracks and a New Video!


Twelve Foot Ninja

You may remember Twelve Foot Ninja from their video for “Mother Sky,” one of the most visually interesting and captivating music videos of the year (featuring choreographed dancing, parkour, and one of the band’s members in a bathtub with a bazooka!). I became kinda obsessed with that video after watching it for the first time; I watched it at least four subsequent times (a couple just to listen to the song) and the imagery of those smokin’ hot dancing kabuki girls even made it into my dreams that night (srsly).

Periphery’s Jake Bowen also gave the band a ringing endorsement, although we should point out that in no way, shape or form are Twelve Foot Ninja a Periphery clone.

Twelve Foot Ninja’s new album Silent Machine is finally out, and the band’s posted six full tracks for you to listen to (seven, if you count “Mother Sky.” Stream:

Twelve Foot Ninja have also released a new video for album-opener “Coming For You,” and it’s just as interesting and fun as the “Mother Sky” clip. Lead vocalist Kin is taking all the Mike Patton comparisons lofted his way to their literal extreme; check out the scene starting at 0:35!

Silent Machine can be purchased via iTunes and the band’s official store.

Thanks: Michael K.

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