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Spellbound: The New Yngwie Malmsteen Album Art is Glorious


Yngwie Malmsteen — excuse me, Yngwie J. Malmsteen (the middle initial is important, lest we confuse the guitarist with one of the other millions of people in the world named Yngwie Malmsteen) — has unleashed the album art for his latest universe-altering bestowal upon the human race, Rising Force. And I think that Mister… sorry, Lord Malmsteen deserves some real praise for continuing to be a shining example of subtlety, class, and refusal to share any expense. I sincerely believe that someone should make a stained-glass window out of this image and put it in every church across the globe, or, at the very least, paint it onto the side of someone’s van.

This guy must get laid so much.

Rising Force is out December 5.

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