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Wat U Think of Djent-Rappers Hacktivist???



Hacktivist — the rap-djent band thats Axl says were kind enough to put the word “hack” right in their name — just released a self-titled EP. The butts of IMN’s the world over are raging with hurt as I type this. Honestly, I kinda feel my hemorrhoids flaring up a little bit too. I was shocked to see a piece appear on the usually-reliable metal site No Clean Singing yesterday singing the band’s praises.

My opinion on the band can be summed up thusly: their djent side can be said to be mediocre/average, and even though I don’t care much about metal vocalists I find the rapping to be serviceable but unspectacular as well. Nothing worth getting excitebike about but also nothing worth getting raging mad about.

Oh but wait, there’s some clean singing in a few songs too! So is rap / clean the new good cop / bad cop?

Mostly I find myself confused: are people en masse really into this band? — is this the next big thing? — or is Hacktivist just an anomaly who decided to throw a little of A and a little of B into the same pot to see what happens? Tell us what you think below.

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