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Watain Sign with Century Media

  • Axl Rosenberg
Watain Sign with Century Media
Graphic inspired by D.X. Ferris.

Watain, one of those black metal bands that absolutely pride themselves on being genuinely nasty motherfuckers, have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media, which means they are now label mates with In This Moment, Winds of Plague, and Fozzy. Of course, they’re also label mates with Napalm Death and Marduk, but that didn’t save Nachtmystium from getting flack, so, naturally, Watain are now feeling the brunt of IMN rage.

From Lambgoat

Watain Sign with Century Media

[The commenter goes on to admit that while CM is not technically a major label, it “seems pretty ‘major’ to me.”]

…and Blabbermouth:

Watain Sign with Century Media

For their part, Watain avoided having to deal too directly with any backlash by making no mention whatsoever of the deal on either their official websiteFacebook page, or Twitter account.

But it doesn’t really matter; I suspect fans will stop caring as soon as Watain are back out on the road, tossing dead carcasses around like the great artists that they are.

Semi-related… You know who else Century signed yesterday? Deez Nuts. So I guess the label is now just throwing fucking everything and anything against the wall and seeing what sticks.


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