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…And That’s How We Ended Up Seeing Coal Chamber


…And That’s How We Ended Up Seeing Coal Chamber

In 2003, Sevendust released a song about Dez Fafara called “Enemy.” During the course of the track, Fafara is referred to as a “loser,” and drummer Morgan Rose — who was married to ex-Coal Chamber bassist Rayna Foss at the time — threatens, “I’ll fuck up your face.” And in case there was any doubt about the band’s feelings towards Fafara, guitarist John Connelly called him “a piece of shit” during an interview, and Rose told MTV that the song “is about the person in the world that I hate more than Saddam Hussein.”

And I just wanted to bring this up because Sevendust will support their forthcoming release Black Out the Sun by touring with Coal Chamber and Lacuna Coil.

And I know it’s been nearly a decade since the feud broke out, and if the band has made up with Fafara, they should probably be applauded for that because, I dunno, my kindergarten teacher and Jesus Christ would both probably assert that it’s bad to dislike someone. That being said, I am an immature, selfish dick, and as such, I really, really wish that Sevendust had not made up with Fafara. I’m not sure what would be the running order for this bill, but unless Coal Chamber go on first (which could be a possibility, fingers crossed), I’m going to have to make a choice at some point to either skip Lacuna Coil and get to the venue after Coal Chamber are done playing, or otherwise suffer through Coal Chamber in order to enjoy both Sevendust and Lacuna Coil.

So thanks a ton, Sevendust. Your good natured level-headedness has now potentially caused a major minor inconvenience for me. Jerks.

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