“Risen”: Fulgora’s Terrifying Portrayal of Nuclear War


Fulgora — the new project featuring drummer Adam Jarvis (Misery Index/Pig Destroyer), guitarist/vocalist B.L. LaMew, and bassist John Jarvis — have released a video for their song “Risen,” and, uh, yeah I’m gonna go hide under the bed and cry now. To say that it’s a stark contrast to this morning’s military recruitment ad by All That Remains an understatement of “Lulu wasn’t very good”-ian proportions. I’m not sure from what movie the footage was borrowed, which probably makes it even more disturbing — if they had used, say, the nuclear disaster footage from Terminator 2, that might have felt much more familiar and “lighter,” odd though that may sound.

Also not hurting this video: the song will shove a boot so far up your ass it will rip out of your belly button.

Watch the clip below… I don’t think it’s technically NSFW, but be forewarned that there are some violent images in it.

“Risen” and a track entitled “Artifice” will appear on Fulgora’s debut 7″, which was mixed and mastered by Jarvis’ PxDx bandmate, Scott Hull. Fulgora’s debut full-length is tentatively scheduled for a 2013 release. According to Adam Jarvis, the band is “going to announce a new member soon that people will get a boner over!!”, so this band is probably about to go from really exciting to really, really exciting. Be a trendsetter, like them on Facebook.

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