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Non-Musician I Didn’t Even Know Was in Neurosis No Longer in Neurosis

  • Axl Rosenberg

Non-Musician I Didn’t Even Know Was in Neurosis No Longer in Neurosis

Please allow me to further illustrate my ignorance about Neurosis: I have seen the band live twice, and both times they had these images being projected for the duration of the performance, and yet, I had no idea that the band had a visual artist, Josh Graham, as a full-fledged member who even got to stand in group photos and stuff (like the one above… they didn’t even make him stand in the background!). I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a thing before, save for band members who just happen to do most or all of the design work for their group’s album covers and/or merch and/or music videos (Adam Jones, John Baizley, Jacob Bannon, Mike D’Antonio, the contents of the members of Lake Bukkake’s testicles, etc.). Forget that artists who were/are closely associated with particular bands (Derek Riggs and Iron Maiden, Ed Repka and Megadeth, etc.) are never considered “members” of the band, and forget that I don’t even know who does the graphics for plenty of other bands that rely heavily on projected imagery for their live show, but I’m not even sure I can think of any other band that has a member who isn’t technically even a musician (unless you’re being a dick and counting samplers and turntablists… actually, fuck turntablists). IT’S LIKE NEUROSIS HAVE REDEFINED WHAT IT EVEN MEANS TO BE “IN A BAND.” My mind = blown.

So this is all kind of fascinating to me and oh wait no it’s not anymore because Neurosis are splitting with Graham and eliminating the position of “visual artist” from the their ranks altogether. So nnnnnnevvvvvvvverrrrr mind.

Here’s the statement from the band:

“As of today, after much thought and discussion, visual projections as we have presented them over the last 20 years will no longer be part of Neurosis live shows.

“We are going to begin the process of reinventing our live presentation. This process will begin at zero, allowing the music to speak for itself and lead us where it may. Whatever form or however long this may take is unknown.

“This also signals a parting of the ways with our visual artist of the last twelve years, Josh Graham. Josh’s tireless work and talent came at a time when we really needed it and carried us gracefully into the video age with original content we couldn’t have dreamed of when we were just starting out. Our parting comes from a place of mutual respect, friendship and understanding. We all agree that this is a step Neurosis has to take and are open to working together on specific projects in the future. We wish him success and the best of luck with all of his own musical endeavors and artistic passions.

“In the spirit of sound, – Steve, Dave, Jason, Noah, and Scott”

And here’s the accompanying statement from Graham:

“For us all, time for change has come. The friendships and body of work that have spawned from our time together will live on as we move forward. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Neurosis over the last 12 years.

“As the crossroads are upon us, and we feel that the pinnacle of our collaborative efforts have been reached; we now look toward our individual futures with support and encouragement. Constant reinvention is at the heart and soul of us all, and we will all continue to persevere.

“Despite the larger picture winding down as we move on in our own directions, we will continue to work together on specific legacy projects including reissues and possibly more if/when the right projects come up. Onward.”

So I ask you, Neurosis fans: is Graham’s departure a big deal? Does it matter? I mean, it won’t really have any baring on the music the band makes, will it?

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