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Portal Announce New Album, Vexovoid

  • Axl Rosenberg

Portal Announce New Album, Vexovoid

Australia’s Portal — who are surely one of the strangest, most boundary-pushing, commanding acts in extreme music today — have announced that they’ll release a new album, Vexovoid, next year. The album art, by fellow weirdo from Down Undah, Reverend Kriss Hades, certainly suggests that, once again, the band is planning to unleash something which will make listeners feel as though someone has knocked a hornet’s nest down inside their brain… which, if you’re a Portal fan, is a good thing.

I am curious as to what the what “vexovoid” means, though. I have friends who have always suspected that Portal are basically just trolling us all, and I suppose they’ll point to this made-up word as further evidence that the band is just yanking the metal community’s collective chain. But whatever. Even if the band is just fucking with us, they’re doing it in spectacular fashion — like the Andy Kaufman of metal — and it shouldn’t really lessen one’s enjoyment of their work any.

Vexovoid comes out February 19 on Profound Lore. I cannot fucking wait!

[via No Clean Signing]


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