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Ross Robinson to Produce New Behemoth Album?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ross Robinson to Produce New Behemoth Album?

Ross Robinson has produced some albums I don’t hate — like Slipknot’s Iowa, and, uh… uh… Slipknot’s Iowa — but for the most part, the dude made his name manning the boards for some of the most deplorable releases of the past twenty years, such as albums by Korn, Limp Bizkit, Cold, and Vanilla Ice. Yes, Vanilla goddamn Ice. He also produced Machine Head’s nu-metal opus The Burning Red, which I don’t think anyone likes, and Sepultura’s nu-metal opus Roots, which a lot of people do like for reasons I’ve never quite understood. He’s obviously really good at what he does, because his albums sell like they come with a free bag of cocaine, but I don’t think the phrase “artistic credibility” exactly comes to most metal fans’ minds when they hear his name.

Which is why the news that he recently met with Behemoth in Warsaw, as evidenced by the above photo of him with Nergal and Orion (which Nergal himself posted on Facebook), is a little troubling. I mean, I think we should try to stay level-headed about this, because a) just because he met the band doesn’t necessarily mean he’s producing their album (although the caption Nergal included with the photo, “things ARE happening,” does seem to imply Robinson got the gig), and b) even if he does produce the album, it doesn’t mean he’s going to “ruin” Behemoth. Ultimately no one can really do that besides Nergal and the members of Behemoth themselves, and whatever the next Behemoth album sounds like, I doubt it will have any songs like this or this or this on it.

So, for now, I think everyone should remain calm and give Behemoth the benefit of the doubt; they haven’t let us down so far, and we haven’t heard a single note of their new album. Let’s just hope they hear something in Robinson’s work that we don’t.


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