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Start Your Week with Cult of Luna’s New “Weapon”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Start Your Week with Cult of Luna’s New “Weapon”

I hope you boys and girls are all caught up on your 2012 releases, because 2013 is not gonna waste a whole lotta point before commencing with the awesomeness. Case in point: Cult of Luna’s Vertikal, which comes out in January, and is already spanking us here at the MetalSucks Mansion. Which, presumably, comes as little surprise.

You can now whet your appetite for Vertikal via the song “I: The Weapon,” which is streaming below. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but my favorite part is the bit with the wood toc toc. I mean that with 110% sincerity. I think Tool have used toc tocs before, but other than that, I really can’t think of many metal bands that have utilized ’em. Small touch, but it adds so much to the song. Beautiful!

Indie will release Vertikal on January 25 in Germany and Austria and January 29 everywhere else that isn’t North America, because fuck you imperialist swine.

[via Metal Underground]

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