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Dave Mustaine Thinks President Obama is Candyman


Dave Mustaine Thinks President Obama is Candyman


Metal Injection reports that during a recent performance in Salt Lake City, Mustaine went on yet another one of his infamous political rants. He began with a blatant, and highly hypocritical, misunderstanding of the First Amendment, simultaneously claiming he was being censored (he isn’t) and implying that people who criticize him should be censored…

“Anybody that knows me knows that I have a way of getting myself in trouble in that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to Dave Mustaine. Seems like the fuckers in the world can say whatever they want, but I say something, I get in trouble…”

…but it’s this next bit that I find truly, sublimely droll:

“See, if I say something like, the president right now, who I won’t mention by name because I promised myself I would never say his name again, but that this guy has borrowed more money than since George Washington to George W.”

You promised you’d never say his name again? Um, okay… why, may I ask? What will that accomplish? Do you think if you stop saying his name, he’ll go away? And how effective do you suppose that strategy will be when millions and millions of people say his name millions and millions of times each day? As a form of political action, it makes about as much sense as when my Aunt Sadie spits on the floor because someone says the name of Mrs. Epstein, the lady who cheats her at canasta every week. Wow, you really showed her, Aunt Sadie!

(And by the way, that thing about Obama adding more to the national debt than all the previous presidents combined is horse shit.)

Mustaine sagely concluded:

“Now, based on the thickness of a hundred-dollar bill, if you stacked one of those on top of another one, it would be 11,077 miles in the fucking atmosphere, the debt that this fucking country has right now because of this government. 11,077 miles’ worth of hundred-dollar bills up into the sky.”

Because as we all know, Dave, measuring debt in physical distance is far more scientific than measuring debt with, say, I dunno, a monetary figure. I mean, that would just be crazy!!!

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