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Sumerian Records Signs Body Count

  • Axl Rosenberg

Sumerian Records Signs Body Count

Body Count, a band that counts both myself and Sergeant D. amongst its fanbase, are primarily known for

  • Being fronted by Ice-T
  • Being at the center of a lot of a big media brouhaha for their song “Cop Killer,” from their 1992 eponymous debut album
  • The fact that three of their five original members are dead, in two instances as a result of cancer, and in one instance as a result of a drive-by shooting

Even though “Cop Killer” spawned several less-successful controversy-courting imitations (such as Paris’ “Bush Killa” and the Geto Boys’ “Crooked Officer”), and even though the band have released multiple studio albums since their aforementioned debut (including a woefully underappreciated single for the Gears of War video game franchise last year), they’ve stayed relatively under the radar since uptight parents decided to get angry about whatever else instead of a song about murdering police officers.

But hopefully that will change soon — ’cause according to Lambgoat, they’ve just been signed to Sumerian Records. Fingers crossed, this means that:

  • Body Count will be on Summer Slaughter 2013
  • Coco will attending all Summer Slaughter 2013 shows (assuming they can work out their marital woes)
  • I will finally get to Greg Puciato and Ice-T perform the duet of “Colors” of which I have long dreamed
  • I can soon cross “Interview Ice-T” off my bucket list

The band’s Sumerian debut is expected to be released in late 2013. I cannot fucking wait.

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