MetalSucks’ Sixth Annual Heavy Metal Hanukkah — Night 5


Let’s all dance the horah for reader Tomas Echegaray, who correctly answered last night’s trivia question — ” Name an Israeli band that IS NOT Orphaned Land who have had a track debut on MetalSucks” — by naming Dukatalon, whose song “ZX” premiered here in 2010. All the other popular answers were Israeli bands we’ve written about, but never premiered any material from, including Melechesh, Winterhorde, and Dirk Diggler. (Read the questions carefully, guys!) Tomas gets a dreidel and a CD from MetalSucks.

But wash that shpilkes out of you geneckteckessoink — tonight’s another chance to win! Here’s tonight’s question:

Name a band with as many members on their most recent album as there are spots for candles on a menorah.

I can only think of one correct answer, but you guys are smart. Impress me!

Enter using the form below — DO NOT E-MAIL ME YOUR ANSWER (some of you DID e-mail me yesterday… fools!). All entries due by 5 pm tomorrow (Thursday, December 13) evening. Shortly thereafter we’ll announce the winner and post night 5’s trivia question. And while you don’t have to be Jewish to enter the contest, you do have to live in the U.S. Good luck!

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