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Now There’s a Kvelertak Christmas Light Show


I don’t know why I was so grumpy the other morning when I posted about the Metallica Christmas light show; maybe Axl pissed in my Cheerios or something? I mean, everything I said was technically true (suburbs are disgusting), but that stuff overshadowed the fact that I do appreciate that these light shows are really impressive and take a helluva lotta coordination and thought to create.

Here’s another Christmas light show for Kvelertak’s “Fossegrim.” I find this one to be particularly tasteful, the way the flash patterns match the rhythms and the colors and placements match the notes without any gimmicky character animations. It’s also dynamic; sometimes the trees are the drums but sometimes they’re the guitars; everything switches. Kvelertak oughtta hire this guy to run their light show on their next U.S. tour!

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