Maybe All That Remains Weren’t Dickheads to Machine Head in NYC After All (Big “Maybe”)


Robb Flynn and Phil Labonte

On Friday night, Machine Head’s Robb Flynn publicly accused All That Remains of selfishly refusing to switch set times to after Flynn was hit by a taxi and ended up in the hospital earlier that day.

Now Flynn is claiming via Twitter that All That Remains were willing to switch, but it was actually the club (Roseland Ballroom, or the show’s promoter, Live Nation) who refused to allow the switch:

It is entirely possible that this is the truth, that it was in fact the club’s refusal. But I think the truth is probably a lot more complicated and murky, isn’t fit to be revealed in public, and Flynn and Phil Labonte sorted this issue out on their own and agreed that it would be simpler to just collectively blame the club than to further drag this through the mud. Maybe All That Remains were already out to an important dinner with their management or label when the request came in and a switch wasn’t possible; maybe they had family or other important people coming at a certain time; maybe ATR were late in arriving to the venue that day; maybe ATR really were being dicks, but they’ve since settled it with Flynn in the interest of tour synergy and squashing the public feud. Maybe one of a thousand other complicated scenarios I could think of that there’s no ned to reveal publicly when blaming the club is easier.

This is all conjecture, of course. It very much could be the case that the club stopped the switch for whatever reason. It just seems awfully fishy to me that the club is now being blamed when all anyone in All That Remains had to say to Flynn on Friday night WHEN THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED was, “Hey man, sorry, we’d totally do it, but the club won’t let us.” Simple! And this issue with the club is just coming out now, today, when the news is all over the Internet? Fishy, fishy, fishy!

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