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National Tuesday Stream: National Sunday Law’s New Album is Streaming in Full


National Sunday Law

To be honest, I’ve kind of lost track of which members of Intronaut, Bereft and Graviton are involved with National Sunday Law, and which members of National Sunday Law are involved in those bands. But know this: it’s some combination thereof, and the band fucking rocks. If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned you’ll surely dig what National Sunday Law are doing.

And now you can dig on their brand new album, Festival of the Horned God, right this moment, right here (via Bandcamp). That the group survived jack-of-all-trades member Darin Tambascio’s move to Maryland is great news, since this album finds NSL once again utilizing all the sludgy, proggy grooves they’re known for to great effect. If album-opener “Theriocephalic” doesn’t get your neck a bangin’, visit the chiropractor to have your spinal problems diagnosed ASAP.

The album is out now and available for free or any price of your choosing via Bandcamp.

National Sunday Law are selling their first CD and a t-shirt for the combined price of just $7 until January 1st, 2013: buy that package here.

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