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Nothing Makes Me Crave a Burger Quite Like a Death Angel Song


Let’s talk about In-N-Out. It’s delicious! It’s not like “oh my God best fucking burger EVER” delicious the way some people make it out to be — plenty of independent burger joints within spitting distance of the MS Mansion have superior chuck — but as far as a burger from a fast food joint, and the price, it really can’t be beat. Every time we visit L.A., as we’ll be doing later this month for the NAMM show, we make the In-N-Out in the flight path of LAX on Sepultura Blvd. our very first destination.

As for Carl’s Jr., another West Coast burger chain, I tried it once and found it vastly inferior to In-N-Out. But the idea of a turkey burger from a fast food joint is intriguing (I’ve been getting into turkey burgers lately), and the jalapenos are definitely a plus. And they used Death Angel’s “The Ultra-Violence” in a TV commercial announcing said burger… interesting choice. Watch:

Maybe some of you Suckalos out West can try this thing and tell us how it is.

[via Metal Insider]

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