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Best Video Ever of the Day: Shadowbane, “Source of Grief”


This is how Shadowbane describe themselves in the description of their new video for the song “Source of Grief:”

Shadowbane was founded between 2007-2009 in Hamburg / Germany inspired to play the raw U.S. power metal sound of the 80s / 90s mixed with traditional Metal and Thrash elements. The lyrics are thematically inspired by dystopic action movies and SB want to put the same intensity and strength in their music and stage apearance [sic]

Based on that description, I’d say their new video is remarkably successful at channeling the complete ridiculousness of ’80s/’90s U.S. power metal… although I can’t be sure that was their intention. Watch:


  • I would like to know whose idea it was to shoot all the live band member segments of this video in locker room shower stalls
  • the singer’s frosted tips and camo shirt
  • the drummer barely touching his drums
  • synchronized guitar swing @ 0:51
  • other than the bassist, the band members are about as lifeless as the “cadavers” on the floor
  • lol @ the idea that the two cadavers had to lie perfectly still during the shoot
  • bassist has a tattoo of his guitar on his right shoulder
  • sick lightning design on the guitarist’s axe!!!
  • repeated water splashing and smoke effects throughout the video
  • this screen cap:

  • what the fuck has the teddy bear got to do with anything???
  • this screen cap:

Thanks: Martin R.

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