John 5 Goes Flamenco in New Video


Those who dismiss John 5 as “just a shredder” a) are wrong, b) should watch this video for “Noche Acasador,” anything but “just a shred track.” John 5 is a versatile, dynamic guitarist, and an excellent songwriter. Did you know that he recently wrote an entire record for a fledgling ’80s metal band, only to have that album hastily rejected by that band’s egomaniacal lead singer? True story.

As for this video itself, I have no idea what the fuck is going on: John 5 is playing guitar while receiving a massage from some foxy lady (apparently his wife, Rita), but then she kills him or something? No idea, but the video is still worth watching because John 5 rules. The video was directed by Jonny Coffin of Coffin Cases himself.

John 5’s latest album God Told Me To is out now (stream it in full right here). A special 3D version of this video will premiere at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA (January 24-27) at the Coffin Case booth.

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