Portuguese Grandmother Reacts to Nylithia’s New “Hyperthrash” Video


For once, MetalSucks readers actually agree on something: Canadian super-sonic, intergalactic thrashsters Nylithia are awesome! So sayeth you in the comments for the video of “Hyperthrash” we posted last week, by an overwhelming majority.

Now there’s an excuse to watch the “Hyperthrash” video again: guitarist Royce Costa filmed a “reaction video” of sorts of his Portuguese grandmother watching the video for the very first time. The results are pretty funny; as metalheads, I think we’ve all dealt with the confusion and derision leveled upon our music by our family elders, but this lady seems to at least somewhat dig it (or she’s just proud to see her grandson playing in front of such a large crowd). This video had the potential to be much funnier than it ended up being, but there are still some choice one-liners (“You people go crazy for this-a!” “Those craaazy kids!” “It’s good, eh? The battery [makes drumming motions]. What you call the battery?”) and grandma’s constant laughter and “Ha!” exclamations are worth the price of admission alone.

Listen to more Nylithia here.

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