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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: January 8, 2013


Yoooo. What’s up with it?! Hope you had a jiggy-fresh New Year’s! I’m just chillin’ at the crib lightin’ up a fat Glade candle. Gettin’ my apples and cinnamon on — if you know what I mean?? We’re keepin’ it real today at Shit That Comes Out Today with hot new releases by my boy P. Ansemlo and some off da hook tracks from Kontinuum. Get it first, get it here. Bitches all over this bitch!


The Bat The Wheel And The Long Road To Nowhere (Candlelight)
On a playlist with: High on Fire, Devil Sold His Soul, Mouth of the Architect
Listen “Goddamn Lights” (here)

How do I know I’ve had a successful STCOT? Well usually if there’s at least one band I might feel the urge to listen to after the assignment. This week’s Most Valuable STCOT-er is Zatokrev and they’re quite the cultural conundrum: This Swiss “dragging metal” band sings lyrics in Czech, Slovak, and English due to vocalist Frederyk Rotter’s Czech ancestry. “Dragging” is certainly an apt descriptor for the kind of slow, dirge-like heaviosity these bros bring to the pit, but a closer look places them nicely between stoner metal (like High on Fire, whose Matt Pike shares a vibe with Rotter) and the emotional melodies and heady songwriting of post-metal bands that title their albums with philosophy terms.


Earth Blood Magic (Candlelight)
On a playlist with: Om, Shining, Celtic Frost
Listen Earth Blood Magic full stream (here)

From my travels, I seem to know music from other countries better than most people living in those countries. Well, metal music anyway. However, Iceland’s music scene I know woefully little about, except for Sigur Ros, who aren’t exactly mehhhtulll. So it’s cool that Icelanders Kontinuum’s diverse, gripping debut is as hard to nail down and describe as the country from which they hail. (Fuckin’ Aurora Borealis – how on Earth does that work?). Post-rocky instrumental sections, mezmerizing chants, black metal bellows, and sludgy riffs abound. It’s a strange little work that doesn’t totally conform to any metal tradition; that means it’s well worth checking out.


Philip Anselmo Warbeast
War Of The Gargantuas split (Housecore)
On a playlist with: Pantera’s The Great Southern Trendkill, Superjoint Ritual, Pissing Razors
Listen War Of The Gargantuas clips (here)

MetalSucks co-chief Axl Rosenberg compared Phil Anselmo’s half of a new split with Warbeast to the white-knuckle thrashings of the eighth album by his former band Pantera. And I agree with Axl! So if you’ve longed for that no-holds-barred energy, then his solo stuff — which is not acoustic or singer-songwriter-y in the least — will be welcome to your ears. Fittingly, Warbeast’s half lands right in line with Anselmo’s ferocity and brings the crunch with similar vitriol.


Autopsychosis (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with: Dawn of Demise, Purulent Jacuzzi, Empedestalment
Listen “Evidence of Near Death (E.N.D.)” (here)

EURRREEE REEE REEEE ERRRRUUURUEUURUEU REEEEE— oh, sorry,  had something caught in my throat. Russia’s Katalepsy has one mission: to ram slam into your woefully slamless life. Now, I’m no expert in the field — I too am a student of our Sergeant D —  but even to me these guys are sounding pretty slammin’! +1000 for the group jumps these guys do in their video. Slam 41 anybody?


Nine Covens
On the Dawning Of Light (Candlelight)
On a playlist with:  Nachtmystium, Wolves in the Throne Room, Burzum
Listen “The Fog of Deceit (here)

“Black metally black metal for people who like black metal” is my critical analysis of On The Dawning Of Light by o-so-mysterious Brits Nine Covens. They keep their identities and music unknown to the less-than-kvlt masses so I’m going to do them a favor and say nothing else about them.


Comadre (Vitriol)
On a Playlist with: Until Your Heart Stops, Cave In, Refused
Listen Comadre full stream (here)

Not so long ago I read an article that bemoaned indie rock’s overuse of hoedowns. So i joked to a friend, “What if core bands replaced breakdowns with hoedowns?!!?” I exclaimed. Hahahaha oh shit wait — it seems I’ve been granted my wish by the quirky young chaps in Comadre, whose hardcore has a tongue-in-cheek rockabilly/surf-punk swagger and seriously br00tal hoedowns. Open up this fuckin barn pit here!!



Black Veil Brides Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones (Lava)
»Entrapment The Obscurity Within (Soulseller) listen
Groan The Divine Right Of Kings (Soulseller) listen
Heaven’s Cry Food For Thought Substitute reissue (Prosthetic)
Heaven’s Cry Primal Power Addiction reissue (Prosthetic)
Hollywood Undead Notes From The Underground (A&M) listen
Newsted Metal (Chophouse)
Pagan Altar Judgement Of The Dead reissue (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Pagan Altar Lords Of Hypocrisy reissue (Shadow Kingdom) listen
¤Wallachia Shunya (Debemur Morti) listen


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