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I don’t usually djent but when I do it’s WOE IS ME

  • Sergeant D

I don’t usually djent but when I do it’s WOE IS ME

the members of popular ‘djent’ band WOE IS ME

I consider myself a pretty open-minded guy when it comes to music– i will listen to basically anything (except rap and country lol u have to draw the line somewhere!!). That said, I will be honest: I don’t really get the whole ‘djent’ thing. To me it just sounds like a mix test where the guitarist is just like playing random chugga-chugga parts to see if he has the settings on the noise gate right and you keep expecting to like hear the engineer yell out in the background ‘OK, thats good u can stop now!’ but he never does and ur like ‘lol.’

the debut single from ‘WOE IS ME’ and my personal favorite song of theirs

But like I said i am extremely open-minded about music and even though i don’t really do the ‘djent’ thing there is one band in the genre that i am really loving right now called WOE IS ME. If u already know about them then whatever, sorry i’m not like super hipster and i don’t know about every new band right away. What I like about these guys is that they take the basic sound of deathcore bands like MESHUGGAH and EMMURE but add some R&B/pop elements that make it a little more progressive and accessible. From what I understand that is what ‘djent’ is all about, and I can understand why this kind of music is so popular these days.

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