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For Today Guitarist Mike Reynolds Outs Himself

  • Axl Rosenberg

For Today Guitarist Mike Reynolds Outs Himself

You would think For Today guitarist Mike Reynolds would be happy torturing the world with his awful music. But no, he has to go and act like a big stinky asshole, too.

See, Mikey was pissed ’cause an anti-gay pastor was pulled from the presidential inauguration program. And he decided to vent that pissiness via a series of moronic tweets:

Then he went to a gas station men’s room and sucked some dude off. I mean, I don’t have any evidence that he did that, I’m jut inferring it based on HOW HARD he has to work to convince himself that homosexuality is wrong. Clearly, this dude craves schlong.And we should all let Mike Reynolds know that there’s nothing wrong with that. Embrace your feelings, Mikey!!!

Read the reactions of notable figures in the metal community via Twitter and Facebook here.

[via Metal Insider]

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