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More Details on Trent Reznor’s Forthcoming Daisy Streaming Music Service


More Details on Trent Reznor’s Forthcoming Daisy Streaming Music Service

The music streaming service Daisy that Trent Reznor announced in December of last year is indeed a really real thing, and Spin has some new details on what exactly the service will offer and when we can expect to be using it.

The new details come via a conference call via Jimmy Iovine, the Beats headphones line co-founder and Interscope-Geffen-A&M who’s got a major stake in the new venture:

  • Daisy will launch in the second half of 2013.
  • Daisy will differ from other streaming services in that it will provide “intelligent curation” for listeners who don’t necessarily know what they want to listen to.
  • The service will seemingly not just be a revamped version of MOG, which Beats bought last year. The article states the Daisy CEO Ian Rogers will continue to ron MOG simultaneously, which is curious, and this writer thinks might just be a play to keep from rocking the MOG ship right now. Why simultaneously operate two similar music streaming services?
  • Reznor will be involved in Daisy’s look and feel and in building “the connection between the artist and the consumer.”
  • Daisy has invested in Topspin Media and will utilize Topspin as the primary platform for delivery of photos, videos, tickets and merchandise from artists. By extension, we can expect that Daisy will have ticketing and merchandise tie-ins (no active streaming service has those functions in its native state, although various Spotify apps offer that functionality).
  • No consumer pricing or artist pay structure has been revealed yet, but it will be “competitive with existing services.”

The biggest problem facing Daisy will be how it differentiates itself in the streaming music market. While “intelligent curation” seems to be the answer Daisy’s founders are pushing, Spotify announced plans to address their own lack of said curation late last year as well, and those features will be rolling out very soon. We’ll see what the streaming music marketplace looks like 6-12 months down the line when Daisy finally launches.

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